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Why Choose Safeguard?

The team at Safeguard Investment Advisory Group is committed to helping you reach your financial goals. That’s why we spend so much time up front to understand your financial and lifestyle objectives before we offer any financial advice. We help provide custom strategies based on your individual needs.

Investment Advisors

Our investment advisors are independent and work on a fee-based system, ensuring a fiduciary responsibility to our clientele. As a registered investment advisory firm, we do not get commissions for investment advice. We are able to represent your interests and offer a variety of investment opportunities. An investment advisor charges clients a fee that is negotiated in advance, and the advisor cannot earn any other profits for investment advice from the clients without the client’s prior consent.

At Safeguard Investment Advisory Group, you’ll not only work with a personal investment advisor, you’ll also have the entire team working on your behalf. Our experienced investment advisors, Rick Rivera, Reid Abedeen, Edward Sota, Dan Carter, Andy Anable, Dennis Notchick and Chris Miller work together to help you manage your portfolio, help plan your investments and provide you with investment advice.

Our office staff is available to help take care of our clients and will help you with anything you may need.

We believe an investment advisor should approach your financial health  comprehensively and manage your entire portfolio to help make sure each critical element is in place.

In addition to investment advice, we offer informative financial programs and seminars in both Southern and Northern California. These are comprehensive vehicles, not sales programs, through which we are able to help others understand how to gain security, grow wealth and protect their estates. All of our seminars are open to the public.

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To schedule a time to discuss your financial future and the possible role of insurance or investments in your financial strategy, contact us at info@safeguardinvestment.com or call us at (877) 213-SAFE (7233) today!